What is the body’s form and how does it come to be that way? Into which containers do we try to fit —socially, spiritually, physically? These questions inform this dance-literature thesis production—an exploration of the efficacy of rigorous movement, touch, and stillness in conjunction with the poetry of Carl Phillips and Kim Hyesoon. Highlighting each unique mover, each audience member, each poem’s lines, we exploit the grotesque as a means of finding and examining the engrained and yet elusive forms of our physical, sensational living.

Poems/ Order of Show:
Onion: Kim Hyesoon 


Brocade: Carl Phillips 


The Kill: Carl Phillips 


The Way Mommy Bear Eats a Swarm of Fire Ants: Kim Hyesoon 


Performers: Ian Connelley, Hannah MacKenzie Marguiles, Grace Poetzinger, MacKenzie Schuller


Readers: Katrina Bastian (english) Jeanie Lee (korean)


Choreography: Katrina E. Bastian in collaboration with Ian Connelly, Jeanie Lee, Hannah MacKenzie Margulies, Grace Poetzinger, MacKenzie Schuller & Austin


Set Design: Rennie Meyers 
Sound Operator: Fiona Wiedermann 
Light Operator: Claire Thomforde-Garner 
Stage Manager: Rose Gonoud 


Out of Unison: An AfFormation