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Notions of Progress 1.2

Performed at the Potsdamer Tanztage 2018

6 June 2018

Hans Otto Theater Potsdam

From the concrete steps of the Hans Otto theater, the immaculate Tiefensee comes into view - Notions of Progress 1.2 invites the public to immerse themselves in a world of projections and to swim through a sea of ​​plastic. It is a three-dimensional installation of body, plastic, and video that oscillates between active and passive plasticity. By examining the material plastic, our ideas of progress are reflected and we are asked to challenge the plasticity of our habits.

Choreography: Katrina Elizabeth Bastian
Text: Katrina Elizabeth Bastian
Performer: Alice Botelho, Jan Lorys, Melanie Müller
Video: Dylan Gephart
Dramaturgy: Lisa Homburger

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