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Heartfeld- make me quiver, baby! 

HeartFeld is a queer, grating, uncomfortable movement moment, a chance to witness an artist, an athlete, a human being at the precipice of physicality. You are invited to witness the beating of a dancer's heart, in real-time, as it changes, fluctuates, and yearns towards the ultimate goal of the performance- reaching ‘peak performance’. The only sound you hear is the rhythmic/arrhythmic panting of Katrina's breath as they push their physical movement sequences, trying to reach +180 bpm. But what happens from 180 onwards? Death? The inevitable comedown? Catharsis?
The act of hearing another heartbeat creates the same level of intimacy as eye yes, it'll be athletic as hell (!) but also, your mirror neurons will be going wild- a moment of empathy with a performer who has set an impossible task- to push their heart towards rupture, perhaps in the process, hinting at just a moment of authentic connection. It'll be worth it.


Production: Popular NZ
Dancers / Actors: Katrina E. Bastian
Camera: Benj Brooking
Editing: Popular NZ

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