Soliloquy in Sweat

Soliloquy in Sweat offers audience members coupons to various services- cooking, cleaning, and babysitting, should the performer, Katrina Elizabeth, fail to fulfill her promise to collect half a-liter of sweat within 30-minutes. By performing a series of high-intensity exercises and movement phrases she attempts to produce and collect the prescribed amount of sweat. The audience is invited to join her in each exercise or movement, and donate their own sweat to the bucket. With this high-stakes performance, we subvert capitalism, notions around disgust, and voyeurism in celebration of resilience, community, and empathy.

Premiered at Experimental Dance Week Aotearoa 5 December 2020




23-27 February 2021 at Basement Theatre Auckland 

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9-13 March 2021 as part of New Zealand Fringe 

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