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a dance performance for six female dancers and one musician

The Greek word “Kairos” means the ‘opportune time.’ Instead of chronological time kairos is the amalgamation of meaningful moments. “Kairos” is a collage of memories. Six dancers, six poems, six stories. Each dancer moves through her own score, sometimes encountering others on the way, in trios, duets and group choreographies. With “Kairos” I worked with the brilliant electronic musician E.L.L.I (Katja Kettler) who created an original score for the show. This score integrates elements of text recited by the dancer. In “Kairos” we investigate the borders between movement and text, memory and body. It is playful, heartbreaking and poignant to look into the embodied memories of these brave women.

Review/ Interview:

Choreography, Text & Concept: Katrina Elizabeth Bastian. 

Music: Katja Kettler

Photos & Video: Kamilla Gylfadottir

Dancers: Amit Abend, Julia Rauch, Laura Guy and Veronica Lillo, Julia Monschau, Alice Botelho

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